Men’s Health Week 

June 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of International Men’s Health Week. The goal is to increase awareness of male health issues on a global level and to encourage  institutions to develop health policies and services that meet the specific needs of men, boys, and their families.

Men’s Health Week in Australia will run from 10-16 June with a new campaign from Healthy Male and Western Sydney University promoting. ‘Good Health Heroes’.

Developed with support from men’s health organisations, including the Australian Men’s Health Forum, the campaign promotes a number of healthy habits men can adopt, in order to increase their health, across three key categories that are important to overall health and wellbeing.


Mindfulness & Wellbeing

So, you may ask, how does Ugears Australia fit into the picture? 

Well one of the key components of good health is adopting mindfulness and wellbeing strategies. 

Emily Cronkleton writes in Medical News Today;

“Mindfulness is a practice that involves increasing awareness of the present moment by focusing on thoughts, feelings, and sensations. It can also refer to focusing on one task at a time without distraction” (Emily Cronkleton, 2023). 

Ugears models are a wonderful way to escape from the hubbub of everyday life and focus your full attention on putting together a beautifully crafted wooden model kit. The best way to build a complex and challenging Ugears kit, is to find a peaceful, quiet spot, without any distractions and focus on the task of assembling your model.

Practicing mindfulness can reduce stress, improve focus, and encourage mental growth” (Emily Cronkleton, 2023). 


Mindfulness Hobbies


What is Ugears? And how does this fit into Men’s Health?

Designed  and built in Ukraine since 2014 Ugears developed a unique range of wooden mechanical model kits for all ages.  There are now well over 100 models available. The range includes kits for beginners, through to expert modelers, prices to suit any pocket and models that are loved by men of all ages.

Quality Materials & Construction

Ugears Models are laser cut from the high quality wood and each kit includes everything you need to assemble and bring your model to life. 

Dynamic motion is accomplished through the ingenious use of rubber bands, gears, and gravity. Every model comes with detailed instructions to help guide the way to completion.

No Glue or Tools Required

A Special feature of the Ugears range is that no glue or extra tools are required to build these models which makes them truly unique.

Keep reading to see why we believe that investing in Ugears is a great way to help men  & boys build some healthy habits.


Men's Health


Attention, Focus & Fine Motor Skills

Ugears models can have up to 739 parts, including some fine and intricate components.

The parts fit together precisely. In order to build a model there are a number of things to consider.

You need to fit the right pieces together in the right order and they need to be pushed together carefully, not forced. These processes require concentration & visual focus and the use of fine motor skills to manipulate the parts into the right position to connect. The process is repeated with each part, until the model kit is completed.

The results are immensely satisfying, especially when your model is brought to life through its mechanical animation. The process of concentrated effort on a specific task, using more than one sense is relaxing and calming.

Ugears is very popular with male customers, many of whom have quite a collection going.

As stated by Neuroscientist and Author, Kelly Lambert, “What revs up the crucial effort-driven rewards circuit—the fuel, if you will—is generated by doing certain types of physical activities, especially ones that involve your hands. It’s important that these actions produce a result you can see, feel, and touch, such as knitting a sweater or tending a garden” (Kelly Lambert, 2008). 


Ugears Model Recommendation – Ugears Bike VM-02

For motorbike enthusiasts, the Ugears Bike VM-02 is a must-have if you want to get some hands-on engagement. This model captures the essence of a real motorcycle, complete with moving parts that simulate the mechanics of an actual bike.

This intermediate model is perfect for those getting into the Ugears range with 1-3 hours of estimated assembly time.


Men's Health


Cognitive Benefits 

The unique and intricate designs of the Ugears models take time therefore enhancing one’s need for problem-solving skills. Engaging the mind in cognitive puzzle-solving skills helps develop memory skills and build logical reasoning. This is a great way to implement healthy mental habits.


Ugears Recommendation- Drift Cobra Racing Car

This model is a detailed and realistic representation of a classic racing car, perfect for car enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. The Drift Cobra Racing Car appeals to builders and hobbyists who love quality and clever design, and who appreciate ingenious mechanical elements with real-world analogs.

For those wanting to build on their puzzle-solving skills, the Drift Cobra Racing car has an estimated assembly time of 9-16 hours.


Mindfulness Hobby


Creativity and Patience

Building our Ugears models teaches patience to enhance creative expression. Although some of our models can take hours or even days to build, the final results always blow people away. Having a creative outlet is one of the best ways to build healthy mental habits for men’s health and Ugears can provide that.

Ugears Recommendation- 2.5D Puzzle Range

Unique to what Ugears have built before, these wooden mechanical puzzles are designed for static display. However, they wouldn’t be mechanical without moveable parts which help bring the image to life. In addition, each puzzle is built in its frame, with a provided picture mount to hang or leg stands for tabletop display.

Ideal for those entering the Ugears world the 2.5D puzzle range has an estimated building time of 30 mins to 1 hour.


Men's Health


Hobbies are good for you

Hobbies can keep you in the moment, taking your mind away from stressful thoughts and focusing on an activity you enjoy. While not all hobbies offer the same level of mental or physical engagement, hobbies help you practice mindfulness techniques without even realising it” (CAE, n.d). 

Come On Men – Give Ugears A Go!

Ugears is certainly a great hobby, more popular with men and has many of the characteristics of a passtime that encourage mindfulness.

Give Ugears a go today!

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CAE. (n.d.). Five Benefits of Having a Hobby. CAE. five-benefits-of-having-a-hobby

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Kelly Lambert. (2008). Lifting Depression a Neuroscientists Approach to Activating your Brains Healing Power. Basic Books.


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