Ugears Dice Keeper


Dice Keeper

Number of parts: 62
Assembly time: 1-3 hour
Level: Easy
Model size: 9.4*8.4*11.2 cm

If you are a dice collector, a passionate gamer, or just fond of unique mechanical devices, The Dice Keeper is exactly what you need. This model will become your favourite accessory to your table top battles as well as a great addition to your collection of wooden 3D puzzles from Ugears Games.


The Dice Keeper is a game accessory that keeps your dice safe and secure, sitting comfortably in individual slots. Designed to store your dice, it can also accommodate tiny trinkets, jewelry or miniature souvenir.


The Dice Keeper is a small chest with fine carved ornamentation in a fantasy style. A minimalistic opening mechanism lowers the side panels of the chest revealing its contents. The model has the shape of a compact cube with eight compartments to accommodate a standard dice set. Each dice is conveniently placed in an individual slot and the mechanism lifting the walls securely sets them inside to prevent from spilling and being lost in transit.


Number of components: 62

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Assembly Time

Number Of Parts


Model Size

9.4*8.4*11.2 cm


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