Ugears Dice Tower


Modular Dice Tower

Number of parts: 164
Assembly time: 1-3 hour
Level: Easy
Model size individual cup: 8.4*7.6*7.6 cm
Model size dice tower size: 33.2*8.4*27.3 cm

The Modular Dice Tower model is comprised of four dice cups. Individually, the dice cups can serve the quartet of gamers in their quest.

Due mid April 2023.

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No more running after a runaway die or crawling under the table searching for the game piece that jumped off the edge. Just put your dice inside a small cubical box and give it a good shake. Put your dice cup back on the table and simultaneously push the buttons on the sides. This will release the bottom of the box with your dice sitting in it. Now it is time to make your move!

If you gathered more than four friends around the gaming table or want to use the same set of dice for all players, the model offers a great solution. Each of the modules has detachable details. Reorganise them in accordance with the detailed instruction manual that comes with the model and you will have a single multi-storey Dice Tower. You won’t need any extra details – every component will find its place. You are ready to roll your dice!

Of course, you are not limited to four blocks. Two sets of this 3D puzzle will give you an eight-story Dice Tower and twice as much fun!

Number of components: 164

Estimated time of assembly: up to 1 hour

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 188 × 170 × 42 cm

Assembly Time

Number Of Parts


Model Size Individual Cup

 8.4*7.6*7.6 cm

Model size dice tower size

33.2*8.4*27.3 cm


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