Ugears Rescue Hovercraft


Assemble me. Ride to the rescue with me!

Ugears is onto the rescue with our Rescue Hovercraft model! when a weather disaster strikes and streets and dry land are flooded and ordinary emergency services aren’t available the Rescue Hovercraft  is ready to go to reach survivors. Saving people from flood waters and rooftops the Rescue Hovercraft is able to glide across any surface–water, land, ice or mud with its cushion air base. This live saving machine is perfect for any police, fire or rescue team.

Model size: 28*10.5*11.5 cm

Number of components: 383

Estimated time for assembly: 6 hours

Level: Intermediate


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Rescue Hovercraft
Assemble me. Ride to the rescue with me!

Ugears salutes rescue teams everywhere with the Rescue Hovercraft model. What fire or police department, or search and rescue team, wouldn't love to have this Rescue Hovercraft ready to go after a disaster? When a large storm strikes there can be a neighborhood by neighborhood, or even street-by-street mix of flood zones and dry land, making it impossible for ordinary rescue vehicles, whether boats or trucks, to reach survivors. That's where the hovercraft shines. Able to skim any surface–land, water, mud or ice—on a cushion of air, hovercraft can bring emergency personnel where they're needed most, plucking people from floodwaters and rooftops or delivering supplies to otherwise inaccessible areas.

The Ugears Rescue Hovercraft is a 1:24 scale wooden model of a sleek, twin-propeller all-terrain hovercraft. This DIY wooden model is driven by a spring motor, with a windup ratchet key located on the craft's undercarriage. A Start/Stop switch allows you to wind the engine by giving ten clockwise turns, then engage the motor as the twin thrust propellers spin and the boat executes graceful, preprogrammed left and right turns over a distance of 3 meters, imitating the gentle swaying motion of real hovercraft.

Outstanding realism, clever design and attention to detail are the hallmarks of Ugears models. The Rescue Hovercraft features a wide air cushion skirt, a movable, hand-operated lift fan in the bow, laser-engraved lift fans aft, two large engine-driven thrust fans, helm and cockpit with seating for four, two mounted life preserver rings, headlamps built into the bow and search lights mounted aft of the cockpit for nighttime rescues.

Like all Ugears models, the Rescue Hovercraft is made from art-quality composite wood. You can leave the model in its attractive natural wood state, or paint it in the colors of your local police or fire department. To assemble, just punch the laser pre-cut pieces out of the boards, and snap them together. Each kit comes with a piece of sandpaper and wax—use these to smooth and lubricate the moving parts during assembly. Follow the detailed, step-by-step, full-color illustrated instructions in 11 languages (Ukrainian, English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean) for a successful build. With 383 parts and a "Medium" difficulty level, the Rescue Hovercraft model boat promises __ hours or more of enjoyable assembly time as you dream of the rescues your boat will make.

The Rescue Hovercraft joins Serenity's Dream, the Ocean Beauty Yacht, Trimaran Merihobus, and the Research Vessel in the Ugears collection of 3D puzzle ships and boats. This beautiful boat will make a great gift for anyone who loves watercraft or model building, or for children who dream of being real-life heroes as police officers, firefighters, or members of other rescue teams. You can give the model kit as a gift, build the model together with your loved one, or build it yourself and present the finished model as a beautiful, mechanical toy for hours of imaginative play.

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Model Size

28*10.5*11.5 cm

Number of Parts


Assembly Time

6 Hours


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