In Need of Winter School Holiday Activities?

With winter school holidays just around the corner parents are looking for the perfect winter school holiday activities to keep their kids occupied. Although the holidays might be exciting, and getting to spend quality time with the kids is amazing there is one question on every parent’s mind… How do we keep the kids entertained??

Here at Ugears Australia, we’ve got the perfect solution to answer this question!

As the winter holidays can be known to be cold and wet, this can disrupt plans for any chance for fun outdoor activities. However, Ugears Models provides fun and stimulating products for you and your kids to work on together. The Ugears STEM range provides hours of educational and fun entertainment to last the school holidays.

Keep reading to check out the benefits of your kids interacting with STEM products as well as our favourite models in the STEM range.


Winter School Holiday Activities

STEM for Kids

Curiosity leads to parents into wondering what the benefits of STEM for their children are.

Dr Marianne Knaus, Honorary Associate Professor for in the School of Education states. “STEM experiences that are connected to children’s everyday lives increase motivation and engagement. Children are full of wonder, interest and curiosity, and are constantly investigating and making sense of their world” (Dr Marianne Knaus, 2023).

Our STEM range is the perfect way for your kids to explore and build foundational concepts of exploring and questioning to expand their knowledge needed for creative and innovative thinking (Dr Marianne Knaus, 2023).

STEM helps kids develop critical thinking, communication, collaboration, information and media literacy and self-directed learning.


Winter School Holiday Activities

What are Ugears Models?

Designed and built in Ukraine since 2014 Ugears developed a unique range of wooden mechanical model kits for all ages.  There are now well over 100 models available. The range includes kits for beginners, through to expert modelers, prices to suit any pocket and models that are loved by all.

Quality Materials & Construction

Ugears Models are laser cut from the high-quality wood and each kit includes everything you need to assemble and bring your model to life.

Dynamic motion is accomplished through the ingenious use of rubber bands, gears, and gravity. Every model comes with detailed instructions to help guide the way to completion.

No Glue or Tools Required

A special feature of the Ugears range is that no glue or extra tools are required to build these models which makes them truly unique. Check out some of our favourite stem models below.


Winter School Holiday Activities


The Pendulum is an interactive puzzle kit that allows the understanding of mechanical clocks.

The pendulum is a reliable time-measuring mechanism, using gravity and a rubber band for constant swaying. The rubber band powers the model and offsets energy loss.

Moreover, It features an anchor escapement, weight, scapewheel, gearing, ratchet, and pawl. You can control oscillation frequency by adjusting the pendulum bob’s weight, its vertical position, and the rubber band’s tension.

In addition this intermediate model has 92 parts and an estimated assembly time of 1-2 hours.

For ages 8+


Winter School Holiday Activities


The Ugears Counter, with its interactive study guide, helps you understand how a counter works. It features a click button to register values, a Geneva Drive, cylinder gears with numbers, and a turn handle. The counter can register values from 1 to 999 and can be manually reset by opening the front panel.

Use it to count steps, people, cars, or anything you like. The possibilities are endless.

In addition, this easy model has 157 parts and an estimated assembly time of 2 hours.

For ages 8+


Winter School Holiday Activities


The Gearbox is an interactive puzzle kit for learning about a 4-speed manual gearbox. It shows how speed and torque are converted from a motor to driving wheels.

Although, after assembly, you can select different gears and rotate the handle to see varying speeds of the layshaft and drive shaft. Neutral keeps the gears idle, the first gear provides the lowest speed, the second gear an average speed, the third gear the highest speed, and reverse makes the gears rotate backward.

In addition, this easy model has 120 parts and an estimated assembly time of 1-2 hours.

For ages 8+


Winter School Holiday Activities

Random Generator

The Random Generator features a cube with an octahedron inside containing a metal ball for weight. Powered manually by a rack-and-gear drive, the cube moves, creating random outcomes. As the movement stops, gravity pulls the ball to one of the octahedron’s vertices, positioning the cube’s sides.

Whilst the probability of each outcome is equal, with each cube side displaying a message like “YES” or “TRY AGAIN.”

In addition, this easy model has 160 parts and an estimated assembly time of 3 hours.

For ages 8+


Winter School Holiday Activities


The Differential is an interactive puzzle kit for understanding a car differential. It allows drive wheels on the same axle to rotate at different rates, enabling smooth turns without skidding and reducing tire wear.

However, after assembly, you can unlock it by pushing the lever up, setting both wheels in motion. The control lever independently locks the left or right wheels. In the down position, both wheels are rigidly coupled, rotating together or locking simultaneously.

In addition, this intermediate model has 120 parts and an estimated assembly time of 1-2 hours.

For ages 8+


Winter School Holiday Activities


The Perfect Winter School Holiday Activity!

Although, as the winter holidays settle in, give Ugears Models a chance to bring educational fun for your kids with our Ugears STEM range.  With up to 9 different models to choose from make the most with these winter school holiday activities.

Continue to help build your kids, collaboration, innovation and critical thinking skills this winter school holidays.


Give Ugears Models a go today! 

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