Ugears Tugboat

This incredible Ugears Tugboat mimics a real working tugboat rocking in the waves! Listen as it moves along any flat surface to the sound of a real diesel-powered engine, created by a working pendulum! You’ll be able to view the other inner workings too, as the body is designed to expose the beautiful gears and rubber-band motor in motion.
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Devices for Tabletop Games

NEW!!! Mechanical devices for tabletop games.

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Ugears Australia

UGEARS began in 2014, with the aim of developing a unique range of modular mechanical models. We currently have over 40 models on the market and are always working towards creating more. The models have been known to unite people of all ages; wifes buy them for husbands, grandparents get them for their grandchildren, busy parents find time to build them with their children. All of the Ugears models are of the highest quality, made from sturdy materials, cut using laser technology, and don’t require glue to construct! Simple, fun, and worthwhile, UGEARS is an innovative and fun hobby for the whole family to invest in.

Ugears Reviews

The gear mechanism idea is awesome! Love the Dungeons & Dragons design too.

James Castaldo

I ordered several of these, but I hope there will be a bigger version of this item in the future for a larger amount of cards to fit in.

Joan Lospinuso


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