UGears 460 Steam Locomotive with Tender


Number of parts: 443
Assembly time: 9-16 hours
Level: Advanced
Locomotive size: 31.5*10*12.5 cm
Tender size: 16*9*11.5 cm

The Ugears 460 Locomotive with Tender is the most extravagant model yet, it incorporates all the technical solutions from previous model designs and more! Ugears has created this 3D puzzle with great care and perfection. It is made of attractive, high quality wooden material. All parts are pre-cut into plywood boards and are easily removed for assembly.

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Astonishingly realistic, the Locomotive’s internal gears, pistons and wheels are as close to the real thing as possible. It looks and functions in a way almost identical to that of a steam train. Once completed, it stands out as a truly original piece of mechanics that clearly requires diligent assembly work (although it’s not our simplest model, it’s not beyond the capabilities of a beginner). Capable of running a distance of up to 5 meters, the model’s massive gearwheel array is propelled forward by the enormous 12 band rubber-band engine. The speed at which your Locomotive travels depends on how much you wind it’s engine up. The engine is clearly visible inside the model, so you can see how steam would enter an actual Locomotive’s steam chamber. The little doors and roof hatch let you peer inside the Locomotive’s cabin, which is complete with an instrument panel and retractable ladder beneath the main door.

Additional information

Weight 1328 g
Dimensions 375 × 170 × 35 cm
Assembly Time


Number Of Parts


Locomotive Size

31.5*10*12.5 cm

Tender Size

16*9*11.5 cm


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