Harry Potter™ Series

The New Ugears Harry Potter Series is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan.


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  • Ugears Harry Potter Quidditch Pinball

    Quidditch™ Pinball model kit

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  • Hagrid wooden motorcycle

    Ugears Hagrid’s Flying Motorbike™ with Sidecar model kit

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  • Ugears Harry Potter Platform 9 and 3/4

    Ugears Harry Potter Platform 9¾™

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  • Harry Potter Advent Calendar

    UGears Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar

    247 parts
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  • Harry Potter Wooden Mechanical Train

    UGears Hogwarts Express™

    504 parts
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  • Harry Potter Wooden Knight Bus

    UGears Knight Bus™

    268 parts
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  • Harry Potter wooden car

    UGears Flying Ford Anglia™

    246 parts
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