Ugears Builder Guide – Intermediate Models


If you’ve already dipped your toes into the captivating world of Ugears and are seeking the next level of challenge, welcome to the ranks of intermediate Ugears builders! As you continue your journey with these intricate mechanical marvels, here’s a guide tailored to elevate your building experience and expand your collection.

As an intermediate builder, you’re likely familiar with the satisfaction that comes from assembling wooden models that go beyond mere assembling – they embody functionality and movement.

Now let’s explore out top 5 captivating intermediate models.

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The Hurdy Gurdy

hurdy-gurdy, a unique string instrument, produces a bagpipe-like sound through a hand-turned wheel rubbing against its strings, similar to a violin or fiddle bow.

Inspired by the art of medieval craftsmanship our version is a detailed homage to the medieval era, impressing with its romantic artistry. It captures the essence of medieval life and adventure, offering a captivating experience for those who encounter and play it.

Ugears Hardy Gurdy


Flying Ford Anglia – Harry Potter Series

If you’re a Harry Potter fan this one is for you! The Flying Ford Anglia features a spring drive powering the rear wheels, allowing it to travel 3-4 metres on a single wind-up.

This DIY wooden model has doors, trunk, and hood that can be manually opened. The hood reveals engine details, and the trunk fits Harry’s model suitcases with a Hogwarts crest. The real magic happens with a secret “ejection” function—pressing the front license plate pops open the trunk and side doors, ejecting passengers and contents dramatically.Harry Potter wooden car


The Safe

Introducing a uniquely creative gift idea that doubles as an unconventional storage solution, assuming the recipient is adept at safecracking!

Easily decipher the correct combination by turning the front knob and listening for clicks—a simple task for those familiar with the basic algorithm in the manual. The UGEARS Safe guarantees enjoyment throughout, from assembly to the ongoing fun of unlocking its secrets!


Ugears Safe

The Butterfly

The Ugears Butterfly is as unique as it is beautiful. The Butterfly is not a static stand model, but an animated kinetic sculpture. Perched on a flower-shaped platform, The Butterfly exhibits lifelike movements, gently bouncing with the aid of elastic support, creating a realistic dance as it flutters towards the flower. Your Butterfly includes two sets of wings: one in colour and another in a neutral beige tone, allowing you the creative freedom to paint them.

Ugears Butterfly 3D Wood Model Kit

The Mechanical Tellurion

A tellurion is a cleverly designed mechanism that illustrates the cosmic interplay between the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Through the intricate movements the reasons behind day and night, comprehend the phases of the moon, and observe the dynamics of changing seasons. The tellurion shares its roots with the orrery, a device that interprets the relative positions and orbits of planets and moons within the solar system, employing a heliocentric model.

Mechanical Tellurion


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