Ugears Builders Guide – Advanced

 For the seasoned Ugears enthusiast, diving into the realm of advanced builds promises a more intricate and rewarding experience. As an advanced Ugears builder, you’ve likely mastered the art of assembling the mechanical wonders that define the brand.

As an advanced Ugears builder, you’re ready to take on the challenges presented by these intricate models. Each project not only showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship but also provides an opportunity for you to push the boundaries of your building expertise.

Now, let’s explore some complex and captivating models that will truly test your skills and ignite your passion for precision engineering.

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5. The Mechanical Celesta

The Mechanical Celesta is both a wooden model and a functional musical instrument. This special model combines elements of a piano, music box, and xylophone. You can play it in two modes: manually striking the metal plates with keys for notes from C to C or pre-programming a melody on the player piano drum and playing it back by turning the knob. Ugears Mechanical Celesta wooden 3D model

4. Marble Run Stepped Hoist

Meet the Marble Run Stepped Hoist, the second instalment in the Ugears modular marble runs series. This captivating wooden marble run introduces a clever 3-stepped alternating lift mechanism and incorporates new features to engage and captivate as you observe the marbles navigate their cyclical journey. Packed with multiple tracks and elements, build all four marble runs to complete the collection.

Ugears Marble Run Stepped Hoist Model

3. Hogwarts Express – Harry Potter Series

As part of the Harry Potter Series challenge your building skills with the Hogwarts Express. The Hogwarts Express™ locomotive, can operate independently or be connected to two additional cars—an accompanying coal tender and a passenger carriage. The tender of the Hogwarts Express™ features an empty coal compartment, providing a convenient storage space for the train’s wind-up key or other small objects.

Ugears Hogwarts Express - Harry Potter

2. Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock

Newton’s three laws of motion and the principle of universal gravitation were once considered comprehensive explanations for all phenomena using mechanical concepts. At Ugears, we embrace a passion for mechanical concepts! In homage to Isaac Newton, we introduce the Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock—an intriguing fusion of a creative celestial observatory and a practical table clock!

Ugears Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock

1. The Aero Clock

The ultimate advanced challenge that Ugears offered for advanced builders is building the time accurate Aero Clock. The Aero Clock, a wooden wall clock with a pendulum, provides a hands-on lesson in the basic principles of clockworks. Learn how the steady motion of a swinging pendulum, managed by a rocking anchor, precisely controls the gears on an escapement, regulating the descent of the weight. This mechanism drives both the timekeeping and power gears, offering an insightful understanding of the clock’s inner workings.

Ugears Aero Clock


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