Ugears Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day creeping around the corner, here at Ugears want to celebrate our mums in the best way possible. Our mothers are gentle, strong, touching, courageous, soft, patient, caring, and fearless. They perform the most difficult job in the world – taking care of us from our first days of life.

On Mother’s Day we recognise and congratulate out mothers, grandmothers, or any other parental figure we love – the women who raise children, teach them, open the world to them and constantly give all their love, devotion, and patience. Look out and see the special gifts we recommend giving your mum this Mother’s Day with our Ugears gift guide.

Find the Perfect Gift for your Mum!

Ugears wooden mechanical model kits include everything you need for assembly, right in the box. All parts are laser pre-cut into plywood sheets, which can be removed with light pressure for easy connection. There is no need for glue or any other tools, simply snap the pieces together to interlock and put together your wooden mechanical model.  If any parts break, there is no need to stress just click here and Ugears Australia will send you the parts you need for free!

Ugears Mothers Day gift Ideas

Moms All Over the World Choose Ugears

Still not convinced that Ugears is the perfect gift for your loved one? Read our many warm reviews about our models on the Ugears Fan Club page on Facebook or our testimonials online! Join the fan page to see all our modelling enthusiast from all over the world share their amazing experience with Ugears.

For example, our Mechanical Flower was assembled for a Mom: “Beautiful mother’s day gift from the kids to their mum.”

 A son is proud to say that he and his mother now both have Hurdy-Gurdy musical instruments: “Love it a lot! I got my mom one and she is now playing music with me.”

A grandmother bought the Amber Box for her granddaughter saying, “I am going to line the drawers with self-stick velvet.”

And nothing pleases us more than the review from the mom who turned out to be a real fan of modelling and has already assembled seven construction sets! “All of my models, except the amber jewel box I gave to my daughter. I think I am addicted, love doing them. All I need now is a display case and to buy more exciting models to put together!”

TOP 5 Ugears Models for your mum this Mother’s Day

Here are our recommendations forMother’s Day models that will make perfect gifts for the wonderful women in your lives. You can give a model kit in the box or assemble it yourself and present the finished product, impressing your mother not just with the model’s unique design and mechanical features but with the time and care you invested to create something for her with your own hands.

As a special treat from us this Mother’s Day, purchase any of the 5 models recommended below to receive a bonus Date Navigator for free!  Click here to check the details to this amazing Mother’s Day Deal.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Treasure Box

If you like a challenge, there is a puzzle box with a secret in our collection: the treasure box. You will need to understand the intricate mechanism of this box to open it. Hint: Look for the key in the lid and insert it into the secret keyhole mechanism in the side panel. An interesting feature of this box is the open wood carving, an attractive design element that serves to reveal the movement of the inner part of the box.

With 190 parts this intermediate levelled build will take an estimated time of 4-5 hours.

Ugears Treasure Box

Mechanical Flower

The Mechanical Flower is a lovely model in the Ugears collection. A rotating flower opens to reveal the interchangeable ballerina or Tree of Luck centrepieces inside. Just spin the wheel at the base of the flower and the petals will open. You can display jewellery, bracelets, or other trinkets on the attractive centrepieces of this model.

With 101 parts this easy levelled build has an estimated assembly time of 1-2 hours.

Ugears Mechanical Flower


The delicate and sophisticated Butterfly is one of the most popular Ugears wooden mechanical models. The model imitates the flight of the butterfly over a flower, just as the insect starts to collect pollen. You will find two sets of wings in the set: multi-coloured and a light beige, that can be placed onto the body of the butterfly.

With 161 parts, the intermediate model takes an estimated assembly time of 4 hours.

Ugears Butterfly


The Mechanical Theatre is a circling stage on which various characters enact dramas for you to watch. There is a Prince, King, Castle, Dragon, Witch, Jester, Princesses, and Treasure Chest figures. As the gears turn the heroes and villains take the stage.  They need only a talented director and the audience’s imagination to create a wonderful play.

With 70 parts the easy levelled build has an estimated assembly time of 1-2 hours.

Ugears Theatre


Keep your treasures hidden with the mechanical Safe. Delight your loved one with the three-digit combination lock to hide away all their prized possessions.  If not give the challenge of hiding a gift inside for someone to unlock the code. Figure out the code and listen to the internal clicking sounds when opening.

With 179 parts this intermediate build takes and estimated assembly time of 4-8 hours.

Ugears Safe


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