UGears Safe


Number of parts: 179
Assembly time: 4-8 hours
Level: Intermediate
Model Size: 19.6*18.5*17.6 cm
Inside space of the safe: 15.5*14*10.5 cm

Our UGEARS model Safe is fully functional, with a 3 digit combination lock. A safe built by your own hand always feels safer than those that are bought. Perfect for safely storing smaller, precious items, or just for hiding personal items (such as chocolate!).

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A creative idea for a gift before it’s built, and a unique way to store a gift once constructed (assuming the person receiving the gift is well versed in cracking safes!). It is possible to figure out the right combination by twisting the front knob and listening carefully for the internal clicking sounds (a simple task for those that have read the basic algorithm of safecracking outlined in the instruction manual). The UGEARS Safe is guaranteed fun for everyone before, during and after it’s assembly!

Additional information

Weight 1327 g
Dimensions 275 × 170 × 35 cm

Assembly Time

Number Of Parts


Model Size

19.6*18.5*17.6 cm

Inside space of the safe

15.5*14*10.5 cm


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