Ugears Wooden Model Kits For Beginners


Welcome to the Ugears family! If you’re just starting your journey with us, we’re excited to introduce you to some fantastic beginner builds that will kickstart your Ugears collection with a touch of mechanical marvel.

Our starter builds not only serve as an introduction to the world of Ugears but also provide a satisfying and engaging experience for both novice and experienced builders. Whether you’re fascinated by classic mechanisms or drawn to innovative designs, our starter builds offer a diverse range of options to suit your preferences.

Keep reading to check out our Top 5 Beginner builds!

To check out more easy builds to start your Ugears journey click here and filter and set the level to easy.


Mechanical Theatre

The Mechanical Theatre captivates guests and keeps children entertained for hours.

As the wheels spin within the model, various characters ‘pop up’ on stage, including a charming Prince, a fair King, a magical Castle, a fire-breathing Dragon, a wicked Witch, a goofy Jester, a lovely Princess, and a coveted Treasure Chest! Children enjoy using the model’s characters to create their own imaginative stories and plays.


Indie Moto 2.5D Puzzle

This stylish DIY 2.5D wooden picture motorbike model features movable elements and is presented in its dedicated frame, making it suitable for both wall hanging and display on a desk or shelf.

Depicting the timeless allure of a classically styled cruiser motorbike, the Indie Moto comes to life with a variety of moving parts, such as the handlebar, wheels, footrest, and seat. It is an enhancement to the aesthetic appeal of your home or office decor.

2.5D wooden motorcycle

U – Fidgets Pacific Ocean

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Pacific Ocean with this captivating set that features four iconic sea creatures: the majestic whale, the graceful stingray, the formidable shark, and the enchanting seahorse.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these DIY Fidgets are crafted with a unique interactive feature—each one boasts a spinning element that keeps your fingers occupied Whether you choose to use them as standalone stress-relievers or as stylish keychain accessories, these intricately detailed sea creature fidgets are bound to add a touch of marine magic to your daily life.mechanical wooden pacific animals

Desert Buggy

Get set for a thrilling ride with our mini buggy! Despite its impressive design, this compact buggy is perfect for beginners, offering an engaging building experience.

Enjoy the excitement of constructing and customizing this dynamic vehicle, designed for both ease of assembly and maximum fun. Embrace the joy of building and experience the thrill of remote-controlled adventures with our fast and fun mini buggy!

Steampunk Clock

This miniature clock model replicates the intricate charm of a full-sized timepiece, featuring a finely carved body and a clever mechanism that sets its gears in graceful motion, setting the clock hands into a rhythmic dance. The Steampunk Clock showcases exquisite lace-like ornaments, adorned with delicate floral designs, the radiant Sun, celestial stars, and the mystic Moon.

Ugears Steampunk Clock 3D Wooden Model


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