Ugears Brave UA Tractor

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Assemble me. Tow the tank with me

The Brave UA Tractor model showcases a Ukrainian tractor proudly carrying the Ukrainian flag, towing a battle-damaged Russian tank. Its mechanism is both intriguing and straightforward: rotating the handle sets the tractor wheels in a counterclockwise motion, emitting a unique crackling sound. Witness the tank sway as the tractor maneuvers along a dirt path

Model size: 35*10*3 cm

Number of components: 51

Estimated time for assembly: 0.5 Hours

Level: Easy


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Is it possible to defeat the amazing Ukrainian people? If, on the fifth day of a full-scale war, ordinary farmers have the courage to steal an enemy tank, tow it with a tractor and take it for scrap, then surely Ukraine will prevail. The tractor that made off with an enemy tank has become a meme and a symbol of the ingenuity and invincibility of the Ukrainian nation. Hijackings of Russian tanks by Ukrainian farmers were not one-off events, and these inspirational stories made the pages of world media.

Ugears presents another wooden mechanical model from the special Age of Bravery exclusive collection, honoring Ukrainian defenders throughout history. Not just professional soldiers but the entire Ukrainian people have bravely fought against the russians who started the full-scale invasion in February 2022. The designers and engineers of Ugears have created this collection to celebrate real events in the current war, in which civilians and military personnel have shown bravery, courage, and endurance. We call these mini-models "mechanical stories" because they are based on real events, such as the hijacking of an enemy tank by an ordinary farm tractor.

The Brave UA Tractor mechanical model consists of a Ukrainian tractor with the flag of Ukraine, pulling a Russian tank damaged by fighting. The model uses an interesting and at the same time very simple mechanism: turn the handle and the tractor wheels move counterclockwise, making a distinctive crackle. The tank staggers as the tractor pulls it along a dirt road.

In the Brave UA Tractor kit (as in each kit of the Age of Bravery series) you'll find a nice bonus: a Trident Fidget. This miniature model by Ugears is an original souvenir with its own mechanical action, and has a lug for hanging or for use as a stylish, patriotic keychain. The Trident is the coat of arms of Ukraine, a symbol of its strength, freedom, and indomitable spirit.

The Brave UA Tractor wooden model has 51 parts, and takes only 30 minutes to be assembled by even a modeling novice. Even if you've never built a 3D puzzle before, you'll find it easy to build the Brave UA Tractor kit thanks to our illustrated step-by-step instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). And best of all you won't need anything else to build your Tractor because Ugears models don't need glue or special tools. All parts are laser cut on a plywood board. Just remove them from the board and connect them together! If any part breaks, our support team will send you replacement parts absolutely free of charge.

Order and enjoy assembling Brave UA Tractor as a reminder that in the fight for justice freedom, every person matters. And remember that by ordering Ugears models, you are helping the Ukrainian economy survive these difficult war times, which means you are helping Ukraine. We are very grateful for your support, whatever form that might take!

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Model Size

35*10*3 cm

Number of Parts


Assembly Time

0.5 Hours


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Brave UA Tractor

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