UGears Dynamometer



Number of parts: 48
Assembly time: 1-3 hours
Level: Easy
Model size: 14.7*7.2*17 cm

Our UGEARS Dynamometer uses the same principles as the Pneumatic Engine, but has a game element incorporated into it’s design.

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In order to make the system come to life, all you have to do is blow on the top gear! Dependant on the amount of air pressure you add to the system, the arrow will spin and land on any of the eight pictures. Unsure of what to do at home? Let the Dynamometer decide for you! This is one of our simplest models to build, so a great set for a beginner – it demonstrates the intricacy of mechanics, putting emphasis on it’s Geneva Driver, whilst also providing a fun game once the build is done.

Ugears has created this 3D puzzle with great care and perfection. It is made of attractive, high quality wooden material. All parts are pre-cut into plywood boards and are easily removed for assembly.

Additional information

Weight 325 g
Dimensions 375 × 140 × 30 cm

Assembly Time

Number Of Parts


Model size

14.7*7.2*17 cm


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