UGears Timer (20 minutes)

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Number of parts: 107
Assembly time: 1-3 hours
Level: Intermediate
Model size:  17.3*8*25.6 cm

One of UGEARS more beautiful (and functional!) models, our Timer is a top of the range model. It can be set for any duration between 1 and 20 minutes. The Timer has a working wind up alarm mechanism that will be set off when time runs out. Once built, the Timer has a unique roller pendulum and amplitude adjustment system on it’s back wall. The same as other UGEARS models, the Timer works thanks to a rubber-band motor. Redesigned and rebuilt many times in order to achieve perfection, our Timer is a classic addition to your office or living room.

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Ugears wooden brain teaser Timer for 20 Minutes  – perfect gift idea

The Timer is one of UGEAR’s most beautiful models. It is an exquisite and refined mechanical device that can count down to zero starting from 1 to 20 minutes. Just set the Timer’s rubber band-powered counter hand, wind up the alarm, and watch the relaxing and elegant clockwork tick away until the alarm reminds you it’s time to do it all again. Great for meditation and adds a sophisticated accent to any work or living space!

Additional information

Weight 670 g
Dimensions 375 × 170 × 30 cm

Assembly Time

Number Of Parts


Model Size

17.3*8*25.6 cm


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