UGears The Centuries-Old Battle for Freedom

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Assemble me. Let honour and strength prevail!

The Centuries-old Battle for Freedom wooden 3D puzzle symbolizes the ancient struggle of Ukraine for independence and freedom. This mini-model is a proud part of the new exclusive Ugears Age of Bravery collection dedicated to the Ukrainian nation, and above all, to Ukrainian warriors throughout history.

Model size: 22*13.5*4 cm

Number of components: 41

Estimated time for assembly: 0.5 hours  

Level: Easy

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The entire world knows about the war that Russia started against Ukraine in February 2022. However, not everyone knows that this is by no means the beginning of the confrontation, nor is it the first time we’ve had to defend ourselves against our belligerent neighbour. For centuries, the Russians have tried to conquer and destroy the Ukrainian people. In the 17th and 18th centuries, brave Cossacks rallied to defend Ukraine from the Russian empire. Cossacks were Ukrainian warriors who at that time were among the most professional warriors in the world. It is to this chapter of our history that we dedicate The Centuries-old Battle for Freedom mini-model.  

The Centuries-old Battle for Freedom mechanical mini-model consists of two Ukrainian Cossacks beating a two-headed chicken with their mace and saber. The Cossacks symbolize courage and the fight for freedom, and the two-headed chicken symbolizes the coat of arms of Russia back when it was an empire. A handle located in the middle activates the mechanism. As you move the handle left and right the Cossacks take turns beating the chicken over the head. The chicken itself toggles back and forth, senseless, with no way to escape its fate.  

The Centuries-old Battle for Freedom 3D puzzle, like other mini-models of the exclusive Age of Bravery collection, assembles easily in about 30 minutes. The puzzle has only 41 parts, laser cut on a plywood board, from which they are easily removed and connected to each other. You don’t need glue or any other additional tools. Our outstanding support team is ready 24/7 to troubleshoot or send replacement parts free of charge should you accidentally break a piece during assembly.

The model kit comes with an exclusive surprise—a Fidget Trident. This miniature fidget model by Ugears is an original souvenir with simple mechanics and a lug for hanging so it can become a stylish keychain. The trident is the coat of arms of Ukraine, a symbol of its strength, freedom, and indomitable spirit. 

You too can feel like a real Ukrainian Cossack with The Centuries-old Battle for Freedom mechanical wooden puzzle. This mini-model will appeal to hobbyists with an interest in history, and to anyone wanting to show their support for Ukraine, for the Ukrainian people, and the Ukrainian army. 

Needless to say, the Cossacks win their metaphorical duel. In the same manner, Ukraine will prevail in the current fight. We hope that you, our fans around the world, will support our country by ordering and assembling Ugears puzzles.

Glory to the armed forces of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

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